Answers to frequently asked questions are the hallmark of great property investment advisors.

Portfolio believes everyone has a right to information, whether they’re clients or not. FAQs is our active way of opening up information to anyone interested in property.

What makes Portfolio management services different from other advisors?

Our record stands for itself. Our 42 years of constantly profitable property investment makes us the oldest property advisory firm in Australia, with the most successful performance indices.

And the primary reason for our success?

Portfolio Management Services filter out all the emotion from your property investment process and work to a strict and successful formula, every time.

How do I know what property investment plan is best for me?

Your decision to consider a property investment portfolio reflects a sound faith in the history and future of land, and bricks and mortar. Your choice of the Portfolio Management Services team as your potential investment property partner is backed by over 42 years of market-leading performance measured by independent analysts.

Our team are experienced in market analysis, negotiation and property management. But they are also skilled listeners able to identify your exact needs.

You may wish to invest for capital gains over time, or benefit from shorter term rental yields. Our experts have the knowledge, investment and management skills to take you through the options best suited to your individual circumstances.

At the same time, they will draw you a comprehensive capital return analysis in the property report that considers short, medium and long term property growth.

How does Portfolio management services differ from real estate agents?

Portfolio Management Services has only one focus. It is to identify the best property investment strategy for your goals as a property investor, whether for capital gain, rental yield, or both. We then go on to find and acquire the best property or properties to meet your goals, wherever possible below market value.

Real estate agents act for the vendor. Some less scrupulous agents cross the boundary between seller and buyer, which we take to be a conflict of interest. We act for you as the investor only.

When can I expect a return on my property investment?

Your choice of property investment strategy will have a strong bearing on dividends from your property portfolio. Investment property is a long term venture producing capital gains over time.

Australian property historically doubles in value over a 7 to 10 year cycle on average. This should act as a guide to your property investment thinking.*

Many clients focus on negatively geared property for tax purposes. Some choose to redraw on equity to reinvest in further property and grow their portfolio. Recent interest rate cuts have made this a very attractive proposition.

How does Portfolio management services charge for its services?

Your initial consultation with Portfolio is free, which gives you the latitude to define your property investment goals and objectives. From that consultation, we clarify your directions and determine the best acquisition strategies to guide your investment.

Our fee is a one off charge based on the successful purchase of an investment property.

What other services do Portfolio management services offer?

We offer an all-inclusive service for investors.

We can:

  • acquire property for our clients
  • Manage the property through our property management departments
  • Provide annual appraisals and monitor the growth of all properties
  • Monitor portfolio and recommend further investment when the time is right
  • Provide advice on the best way to maximise the return on investment
  • Arrange and project manage renovations and upgrades where necessary
  • Assist with the sale of your property when the time is right

How do we manage your property?

Whether we help you acquire a property, or you already have an investment property, Portfolio Property Management has a long and successful history in property management. Our job is to reduce stress and optimise returns by taking the regular tasks associated with managing an investment property off your hands. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Rental appraisals
  • Leasing property
  • Rental collections, payments, reports and reviews
  • Routine inspections and special maintenance programs
  • Income and expenditure reviews
  • Tenancy disputes

How can I get property information, even if I’m not a portfolio management services customer?

We know property investment isn’t for everyone, but information is. Portfolio Management Services believes everybody has the right to access to data in any field they choose.

That’s why we encourage anyone interested in property to sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter and investor updates.

What if I choose to sell my investment property?

Our broad and deep knowledge of the best investment property locations in Australia gives you an advantage should you elect to sell.

We insist on avoiding conflicts of interest by not acting as your sales agent. However, as investment acquisition experts, our relationships with reputable real estate agents allow us to help you with all aspects of the sale:

  • Finding a quality agent who will act in your interests as the vendor in the property sale
  • Advising you independently on current market values so you achieve the best possible result for your property

Call Portfolio on 03 9621 1044 if you have other frequently asked questions that aren’t answered above.

*History is no guarantee of future performance. Views offered in this forum are of a general nature only and should not be taken as professional advice. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before making investment decisions.