Independent property performance evaluation over the long term puts Portfolio Management Services ahead of the investment property pack.

Portfolio Management Services has more than 42 years of experience in client-focused investment property acquisition and management. We not only know and understand the property market, we use independent industry-recognised rating agencies to rank our performance.

The returns you receive as a Portfolio Management Services client are ranked and verified by Atchison Consultants, Australia’s leading independent property and financial services reporting group.

“Analysis shows that over the whole period from 1972 to June 2010, the residential properties under management with Portfolio have averaged a 9.5 percent annual increase in capital value. This increase exceeds the REIA property capital benchmark by 1.3 percent p.a. With rents approximating 3.5 percent p.a. a total return of approximately 13.0 percent p.a. has been achieved.”

Atchison report.

This compares with 8.8 percent total returns achieved by the Real Estate Institute of Australia benchmark.

Over 42 years, Portfolio Management Services’ properties have provided great long-term benefits with total returns of 10.7 percent every year since 1972—well beyond the REIA and most other investment sectors.

Portfolio Management Services’ properties also significantly out-performed listed property and Australian shares for higher returns and less risk.

Read the full Atchison report for confirmation of Portfolio Management Services’ leadership in property investment and property management services, or call us on 03 9621 1044.


Comparative returns over 42 years to June 2015