We find, buy and manage your real estate investment with our heads, not with our hearts

Your choice of investment property as an asset class reflects a medium to long-term wealth strategy. Your property investment attitude, like ours, tends towards the conservative rather than the speculative or aggressive.

When you choose Portfolio Management Services as your property investment and management services partner, you tap into a 42-year old well of proven performance. It’s based on an ironclad, emotion-free formula that considers only the key metrics of property investment:

Our criteria for investment property includes:

  • Location – the investment property must meet strict low risk, high yield or healthy asset appreciation criteria, with geographic and demographic characteristics suited to growth
  • Price – the investment property must be at or below market value
  • Appreciation – the combination of location and price must offer above average capital growth prospects
  • Yield – the investment property must demonstrate above average rental returns
  • Quality – the investment property requires minimal refurbishment and maintenance to meet solid capital gain and rental return criteria.


Investing in property has never been easier with a simple call to 03 9621 1044 for expert property investment consultants.