Money-saving tips for landlords

With more than 40 years’ experience acquiring and managing property for our clients, we know how important prudent management is to maximising returns. So when News Corp’s Moneysaver HQ was keen to find ways landlords could cut costs and make bigger profits without upsetting the tenants, we were happy to help.

Finding a cheaper, better mortgage was the first thing we suggested. Not only are there many competitive loans available, including fixed-rate loans, but there are also lenders who specialise in investment loans for landlords. Interest-only loans can help with cash flow, while offset accounts, fee-free banking and discounted transaction accounts can reduce costs for regular payments and deposits.

We also suggested landlords take superannuation into account when investing in property. Buying a property within a superannuation fund may not offer any immediate cost savings but it does mean eventually, when you sell and after the super fund has switched over to pension mode, you won’t have to pay any capital gains tax. This kind of ownership structure can double the end profit for some investors.

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