How a partnership with Portfolio Management Services can assist in growing your broker trails

As Australia’s leading buyer and advocate for residential property purchase for individuals and superannuation funds, we help our clients choose the best mortgage finance for their property portfolio.

We have links to some of Australia‚Äôs leading banks and mortgage brokers and value their expertise. We are always open to developing new networks in this field; working with Portfolio Management Services can be a valuable addition to your business. Portfolio’s ability to find, buy and administer medium and long-term property assets sets us apart from our competitors. Notably, we have been doing this successfully for over 40 years.

Once our investment property advisers identify the asset and secure the sale, generally at or below market value, Portfolio Management Services is in an excellent position to introduce our clients to another critical link in the investment chain – the mortgage broker and/or investment financier.

If you would like more information on how your company may partner with Portfolio in acquiring property for out clients, please call Jock Bing 03 9621 1044 for a detailed discussion.

Even the most cashed up property investors know that structuring their investments effectively for personal and tax purposes require the right financial and mortgage arrangements. A good relationship with their finance providers or mortgage broker is key to this success.