‘Gearing’ means borrowing to invest

Negative gearing allows you to buy investment property without using your own money. It means the cost of owning the property—maintenance and interest on the loan—is greater than the income you receive from the asset. You can claim the loss, or negative difference, as a tax deduction on your overall income.

Here’s how it works:

Without investment
With negatively geared
investment property
Annual salary $100,000 $100,000
Rental income $20,000
Total income $100,000 $120,000
Tax deductions
(property costs and interest on the loan)
Taxable income $90,000 $93,000
Tax payable (inc. Medicare) $26,697 $23,967
Tax savings from negative gearing $2,730

The above figures are based on a set of assumptions and are meant as a representation only.
The actual result will depend on each person’s circumstances.

  • Property value: $450,000
  • Loan: $360,000 at 7% Interest
  • Rent: Gross rent at 4.44% of value and net rent at 3.24% of value
  • Depreciation on Fixtures & Fittings of $2,000pa
  • Tax Rates: Applicable for Year Ending 30th June 2013 with standard medicare levy of 1.5%.