Property investment advice on call

Property investment opportunities in Brisbane will be the subject of Portfolio Management Services’ inaugural market update conference call next month.

The September call is a chance for clients and referred guests to find out first-hand what Portfolio’s acquisitions team is seeing in the Brisbane market, where the opportunities for property investors are and how you can make the most of them.Participants can ask questions.

Portfolio Management Services plans to host similar market update calls once a month. The format makes it easy for clients across Australia to ask questions and get expert advice on the latest property investment opportunities.

With interest rates at near-record lows and Brisbane in a growth cycle, discussing Brisbane’s best property investment options was a logical place to start the first conference call.

Portfolio Management Services Property Acquisitions Advisor David Powell has invaluable first-hand knowledge of the Queensland residential property market, where he has worked on new and existing property projects for the past six years.

He said Brisbane presented an interesting case for residential property investors. Prices fell 25-30 per cent in a 24-month period that included the 2011 Brisbane floods and 2012 Queensland election; they had since recovered to levels typically seen 3-4 years ago.

Even with that recovery, houses in Brisbane remained noticeably cheaper than their equivalents in Melbourne or Sydney. Vacancy rates also remained low, creating great opportunities for property investors.

“Prices are coming off a very low base – there is a lot more room for growth compared with some areas,” Mr Powell said. “It’s a good place at the moment to be.”

The September conference call date is still to be confirmed. To sign up for the call or for more information, contact the Portfolio Management Services Melbourne office on (03) 9621 1044.