For all the talk of securities being the premium asset class in Australia, Portfolio Management Services’ niched approach to low risk, high appreciation and high yield property investment consistently outperforms even blue chip shares.

Population growth, rising housing demand and lagging housing stock in the major inner metropolitan and regional cities, in particular Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane continues. As a result, the value of quality residential investment properties also appreciates.

Comparative returns over 42 years to June 2015


Independent performance endorsement

Specialising in inner Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Geelong, Portfolio Management Services employs a rigorous, independent evaluation of its performance. We commissioned leading Australian property analysts, Atchison Consultants, to conduct a survey based on all properties acquired and managed on behalf of our clients, and held for two years or more.

“The most recent study to June 2015 examined the performance of 880 properties which have been held for more than two years during the 42 years. It showed an average annual capital value growth of 12.2% pa, out-performing Australian Residential Property as a whole over the same period.”

Our acquisition experts focus only on you

As investment property buyer and advocate professionals, our sole focus is on you, the investor, not the vendor. As ongoing property investment advisors, our goal is to minimise your outlays and maximise the performance of your property investments. Our analysts inspect more than 2,000 properties a year in prime property investment markets, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

In short, Portfolio’s acquisition services:

  • Identify prime property investment opportunities
  • Save you time and effort by researching the right markets
  • Save you money by focusing only on investment properties that fit your brief
  • Provide property investment intelligence that underpins confident decisions
  • Deliver profitable investment solutions for maximum return against minimum risk.


A word on negative gearing

‘Gearing’ means borrowing to invest. Negative gearing allows you to buy investment property without using your own money. It means the cost of owning the property—maintenance and interest on the loan – is greater than the income you receive from the asset, thereby providing some tax benefits.