Jock Bing

Executive Director and CEO

SIA LREA, CPA, F Fin, Ass Sec Inst Aust

Jock recognized a strong need for easy access to property investment in the early 1970s. His business strategy was to make investing in property as simple as investing in shares. He believed that this concept was possible for all direct property, industrial, commercial and residential investments.

In 1971 he established Portfolio Management Services on this principle and has continued to provide the service for more than 40 years. His aims were simple: Acquire existing rent producing property, under replacement cost on conservative borrowings in the improving inner suburbs of major cities, history has proven the rule.

Today Portfolio has many imitators but few can match the company’s results which are regularly measured by independent outsiders. In 2009, Charter Keck Cramer found the Portfolio performance model consistently delivered a median internal rate of return of 12.5 percent over a period of 40 years.

Again in 2011-12, Atchison Consultants studied the performance of a portfolio of Portfolio properties, finding a total return of 13 percent was achieved. To his knowledge Jock believes that Portfolio is the only residential property investment specialist who continuously measures their performance over time.

Jock is a qualified accountant, Fellow of the Financial Securities Institute of Australia, Associate of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, and a Licensed Advisor under the Securities Industry Code.

For Portfolio clients, Jock’s greatest asset is his experience and a strong commitment to independence in the property investment property space. Not surprisingly, Jock is widely respected as one of Australia’s foremost property advisors and is regularly quoted in the media.

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Johnno Bing

Operations Manager

BA (Philosophy), GDBA

Johnno started his career in property on the shoulders of his old man, attending auctions on Saturday mornings. Most of the properties purchased for Portfolio clients throughout the 70’s were knocked down to the man with the boy on his shoulders.

Fast track forward to the current time, and Johnno brings with him a long term experience in the property and management consulting industries. This is born out through his passion for property, people, and technology.

In his role at Portfolio Management Services, he is responsible for strategy formulation and implementation across the Portfolio group of companies. He’s driven by the rewards of delivering successful outcomes for clients who have their properties acquired and managed by Portfolio.

Outside Portfolio, Johnno likes to spoil his wife, spend time with his two daughters, cook those complicated meals and make people laugh.

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Neda Walker

Branch Manager – Geelong Office

Neda has been managing residential property for over 15 years, with a focus on the Geelong region. She is a fully licenced real estate agent, operating as the branch manager of our Geelong office. Neda has a bubbly personality and is committed to delivering the very best outcomes to our clients. Her experience provides her with a detailed understanding of the Geelong market, a contact list of reliable trades and respected reputation in the tenancy market.

Geelong market places unique demands on property managers, and Neda continuously rises to these challenges to deliver rewarding property investment experiences for our clients.

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Jenny Bing


MBA (Communications)

Co-director of the company with Jock Bing, Jenny has had a successful career in marketing having headed her own advertising and video production company.Jenny oversees production of the day to day marketing material for Portfolio including writing and editing the quarterly News Sheets and articles. Her experience in advertising as a specialist financial journalist assists with penetrating insight into the investment arena.

Over the years she has managed the marketing for a number of Australian property developers and property trusts. She was a founding partner in the creative marketing agency, Ross Bing Swallow (RBS), where she created a number of national and international campaigns for clients such as Porsche, Braun, Bang & Olufsen, Oral-B, Scottish Amicable, Jennings, the Becton Group and Portfolio Management Services, among others.

Jenny also launched a boutique film production company which continues to consult to Portfolio Management and her longstanding clients Braun/Gillette and Oral B. Her financial and investment experience includes four years as Australian reporter for the London Financial Times’ World Insurance Report.

Jenny has a Diploma in Professional Writing and a Masters of Communication (Advertising) and has taught marketing and copywriting at Melbourne’s RMIT University.

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Stacey Macdonald

Senior Property Manager

Stacey joined Portfolio in 2010. During her time at Portfolio she has successfully completed her Agent’s Representative Certificate in Real Estate and developed considerable skills in resolving any management disputes or property issues in a timely fashion.Stacey has a significant group of properties under her control and with her strong IT skills has ably assisted the company in bedding down a new inspection and management program for improved processes and efficiencies in the management department.

Her grounding in tenancy management has included tenant selection and client liaison. She comes from a strong customer service background and her enthusiastic work ethic and highly organized approach benefits all.

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Teah Curwen

Trust Officer

As well as her duties as Trust Officer for the company Teah also ably assists the CEO with the successful completion and renewal of Portfolio Management Services industrial and commercial lease negotiations.Teah has introduced a number of efficiencies in the Portfolio [Real Estate Software Technology (REST)] system to assist with client communication and accuracy. Her attention to detail ensures efficient handling in the exacting requirements of trust work.

Teah is qualified under the REIV Agents Representative Course through the Chisholm Institute and has more than six years working with the industry standard management system REST.

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Vesna Ristanovski

Senior Property Manager

Vesna is a highly experienced property professional with a lengthy tenure in property investment, having joined Portfolio in 1999. Her wide knowledge of the issues associated with the successful management of investment property makes her an ideal influence for tenants and adviser to both long term and recent clients.Along with her normal property management responsibilities Vesna ably oversees refurbishment on properties under her control, and keeps landlords up to date with current property trends.

Vesna’s strong background in investment property has been augmented by her period as assistant to company founder, Jock Bing. As a key member of the Portfolio team, Vesna’s efforts can be summarized as firm, fair and friendly. Her disciplined and calm, professional manner means Vesna is popular with clients and tenants alike.

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Rebeca Pettersson

Executive and Acquisitions Assistant

Originally from Sweden, Rebeca began her working life in Melbourne in retail management.
She joined Portfolio’s team in 2015 and has since found a passion for real estate, particularly in property management.

Rebeca has a strong customer service background and as our Executive and Acquisitions Assistant, she not only meets clients’ expectations, but often exceeds them.

Rebeca has completed her Agent’s Representative Certificate in Real Estate and is looking forward to a long and prosperous career in the industry.

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