“We are very appreciative of the attention Portfolio has given to managing our property: from dealing with maintenance issues and promptly finding new tenants.

The professionalism and attention to detail have impressed us and it is very reassuring to know that our property is being managed in such good hands.”

Kym and Shane

“I first contacted Portfolio Management Services after reading an article by them in the Herald Sun newspaper. I had always been interested in the idea of investment property but as we hadn’t quite paid of our home and we had just started a family, it seemed beyond our reach at the time. But the idea stayed with me and when we found ourselves with a bit of available cash, we bit the bullet and bought our first property with Portfolio Management Services in Brunswick. The process was so simple and with Portfolio’s monthly statements, maintenance checks and detailed market appraisals I always knew where we were at.”

The property turned out to have fantastic letting potential and with a steady income from the tenants taking care of a large amount the mortgage it wasn’t a particularly hard decision 18 months later to make a modest increase in the mortgage as a stepping stone to another investment property – this time in Sydney.”

“I like residential investment, particularly in Australia, where we have such a shortage of accommodation. This means that well situated investment property is rarely empty for long periods between tenants. Portfolio takes care of any maintenance issues and this way I just relax and let Portfolio do everything so I can concentrate on my business.”

Russell Twigg

“The main reason I use Portfolio Management is because of the performance of the properties that I have purchased through them. Return on equity of 26 percent, 21 percent, 31 percent and 176 percent says it all.”

Robert Grant