No good news in the paper or from the reserve bank – Q E is a reality, zero interest rates around the corner. Inflation remains stubborn around 2 % and yes the banks are under the microscope again.

The Share market continues to react to various daily Tweets and or Wars both the real sort with guns and Trade affecting economies the movement of goods and investment.

Good returns are hard to find.

Meanwhile the Australian property press is reporting an uptick in residential markets and a downturn in construction.

The reality is that these reports need to be analysed in light of the dramatic differences in listings between the between Spring selling figures for last year compared to this year.

There is a shortage of stock.

A pre-press release of the just completed Portfolio Management Services figures over 17 years of continuous returns for 700 individual properties show that we still outperform the Australian property market, the Share market and Interest Rates. Our performance – 9.1%.

According to the independent experts who compiled this report – Atchison Consultants – no one else is doing this, Or if they are they cannot prove it.

A Summary of this Report will accompany your Valuation Portfolio in the mail next week.

Clearly we continue to stick to our purchase rules.

It is fair to say that this is a market where acting promptly is the key.

None of this means there are not opportunities out there, so those clients who are ready to purchase should contact us directly with a firm budget so that we can negotiate in the best market for your needs in a challenging and concentrated market.